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  • Do you buy electronics?
    We do not buy electronics of any kind. We are precious metals, coins, and diamond buyers.
  • How much do you pay?
    What we pay for gold, silver, diamonds, and coins depends on many factors. The type of item sold, as well as the amount sold determine the rate and price we can pay. Please contact us with the specific details of what you are selling for a price estimate we can pay you. Ultimately we have to see everything we purchase in person to give a final price quote.
  • Do you buy fur coats, leather coats, or designer pocketbooks?
    We do not buy any clothing or fashion accessories other than jewelry. We do not buy fur, leather, purses, shoes, sunglasses, designer glasses, or hats. We are buyers of precious metals, diamonds, and coins.
  • Do you buy diamonds?
    Golden Rule Gold Buyers always pays for natural diamonds of all shapes and sizes - even small accent diamonds. We do not buy artificial lab-created diamonds, or moissanite.
  • Are you a pawn shop, or do you give loans?
    We are not a pawn shop, and we do not take in items as collateral for loans. We specialize in, and exclusively buy precious metals, diamonds, and coins.
  • What do you buy?
    We buy solid gold, gold-filled, solid silver (including sterling), platinum, palladium, dental gold alloys, coins, all natural diamonds, and coins.
  • Do you buy crystal, china, or collectable figurines?
    We do not buy crystal, china, or porcelain figurines. We suggest selling those kind of items privately through Ebay, craigslist, or facebook marketplace.
  • Do you buy silverware?
    We buy silverware that is solid silver, such as sterling silver. We do not buy silver-plated or stainless steel flatware. If you are not sure if we can buy your silverware, please feel free to contact us or stop by with it in person for us to assess.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    You do not need an appointment to sell to us. Visit us any time during our regular business hours.
  • Do you buy silver plate?
    In general, we do not buy silver-plated items, though occasionally we will. Feel free to check with us first to se what your items are, and if we can buy them.

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